About Us

As an avid sailor, I have learned over the years who are the good mechanics in my area, who can help with chandlery, and where I can find the parts I need.  However, I also have learned that, when I cruise, these resources, while they exist, are not easy to find.  It seems that most marine mechanics and specialists are known locally only by word of mouth!  Many don’t have websites, do not advertise, and are difficult for visitors to find! What’s one to do when you need emergency services in a strange harbor?

This was the perfect opportunity to merge my professional skills with my sailing passion.  MyBosun was developed to help bring community knowledge public, and make it easy to find, review, and promote good mechanics and marine services. In addition, it helps support local specialists by providing a forum for them to promote their skills and recommendations.  

We aim to remove one more challenge in keeping boating fun. Please join us, and help build the community of marine service people.

Wishing you fair winds and calm seas!